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Fine Arts Funding

Funding for the arts is a challenged resource. Fine Arts Funding was founded to assist arts initiatives, projects, and program needs for choirs, bands, orchestras, and theater groups. Our goal is to provide creative, helpful, and up-to-date methods to raise funds in support of organizational priorities.

Fine Arts Funding would like to introduce an online auction for client communities through this website, where proceeds support the designated arts organization. Members of the community that surrounds the arts organization are invited to bid on items of special interest to that community. Money will be collected from the highest bidders and funds raised are sent to the arts organization.

To proceed with an online auction, individual webpages will be designed through this site to solicit funds for client organizations, an auction timeline will be created, and community members will be made aware of the web address where bids can be registered. At the conclusion of the established auction dates, highest bidders are awarded each of the featured items. In addition to raising funds, the auction process will raise awareness of your organization while engaging community support.

Additionally, this auction site will be a place where communities can make in-kind donations not attached to any purchase. You will also see that merchandise related to client organizations such as t-shirts, mugs, water bottles, miscellaneous school-branded merchandise, recordings, and artwork will be available for purchase by interested supporters. Our hope is to not only help client organizations reach one particular goal - - but to steadily engage their community in supporting the fine arts.


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